Business Process Excellence


Basic process mappings, that are currently being used mostly for auditing or compliance purposes, are often not fully utilizing its true potential.


The eBMS-Methodology uses a proven comprehensive state-of- the-art process mapping technique without being overly complex.


Among many other benefits,  eBMS-Methodology allows


  • the evaluation of process performance and influences on operations from a broad view • an integrated view of the flow of information throughout the company

  • formulating awareness of process excellence and its measurements

  • comparing and implementing internal best practices to make measurable improvements

Software Performance


As a part of the proven eBMS-Methodology we deliver a widerange of services related to software implementation and maintenance to support company efficiency.


Process Pre-evaluation  eBMS-Methodology uses proven mapping technices to focus on relevant opportunities to streamline and optimize the whole software implementation and maintenance process.


Blueprint Support

The eBMS-Methodology  enables faster visualization of definitions, requirements and responsibilites.


Test Management

Our comprehensive eBMS- Methodology approach supports our clients from the test definition phase through the final sign-off. Risk evaluation, error tracking and status reporting are vital work deliverables.


Change Management

The eBMS-Methodology helps to create a business and people- friendly way to convert changes into advantages.


Using the eBMS-Methodology has been proven to save significant cost and time.

Data Process Management


While enhancing real timebusiness response, tablets andsmartphones create additional

need for data safety and security.


The data stored in systems such as Customer Relations Management (CRM) and social media need to be secured to ensure privacy compliance.


Viruses, Trojans and other attacks are a daily challenge.


Legal regulations of how data is used and stored increases the need for mandatory business- wide solutions.


Solution: eBMS is THE methodology to identify, monitor and improve all of these demands. Our "DSS-Quick-check" is the proven instrument to mirror the current status.